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Making More Money While Spending Less

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Ready To Start Your Collection? 4 Essential Tips For Collecting Ancient Greek Coins

If you've decided to enter the world of coin collecting, and you want to start with ancient Greek coins, make sure you know what you're getting. If you're not sure how to begin your collection of ancient Greek coins, here are four tips to help you get started: 

Get a Feel for the Coins

If you've ever been to a coin show, you know that most collectors display their prized coins on slabs. While slabbing is a common practice for most coins, it's not necessarily the best way to present ancient Greek coins. When ancient coins are slabbed and placed in plastic holders, you're not able to get a good feel for them. Unfortunately, you need to be able to feel ancient Greek coins, especially along the edges. Some ancient Greek coins were filed down along the edges, or have suffered damage caused by etching. This damage can affect the value of the coin. However, this type of damage isn't always visible to the naked eye, which is why you need to actually feel the coin. When choosing ancient Greek coins to purchase, be sure to get a good feel for each one before you make a final selection. 

Understand the Eras

When it comes to adding ancient Greek coins to your collection, it's important that you understand the eras. There were three distinct eras for Greek coins: Archaic, Classical, and Hellenistic. During the Archaic era, coins were crudely designed and lacked the pristine marks of later Greek coins. During the Classical era, engravers developed an artistic flair that added beauty and distinction to the coins. During the Hellenistic era, Greek coins took on a more powerful appearance. Coins during this era were usually larger and made out of gold rather than silver. 

Choose Your Sets

If you're going to start collecting ancient Greek coins, you might want to focus on specific sets. You might not realize this but Greek coins often depicted different types of themes. Some of the themes included animals, military scenes, historical monuments, and the Olympics. Because sets and themes were so popular on ancient Greek coins, it's possible to build your collection around your favorite depictions. 

Protect Your Collections

Finally, if you're going to begin collecting ancient Greek coins, you'll need to provide adequate protection. First, you'll need to keep your coins clean. Second, store your coins in a cool, moisture-free environment. Finally, add your collection to your insurance policy. Ancient Greek coins can be quite valuable and should be adequately insured against loss and damage.