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How To Swing Prom When You Are A Low Income Family

Most teenagers will want to go to prom to have one last night of high school fun with their friends before they head off for summer vacation and their next life steps. Between the dresses, tuxedos, limousines, and after parties, prom can be an expensive event. Many school districts also make students purchase tickets in order to attend the prom itself. If your family tends to have a strict budget without much extra cash, swinging the cash for prom can be a hard thing to do. Here are some ways to decrease the cost and get funding for prom. 

Borrow a tuxedo or dress from family or friends

If you have a large extended family or a healthy network of friends, there is a high likelihood that someone will have a formal suit or a tuxedo for your son to wear to prom. Ask around in the months before prom so that any permanent or temporary alterations that need to be made for it to fit can be done on time. Make sure you have a crisp shirt and proper shoes available for your child as well. For girls, if someone has recently had a wedding, there is a chance that one of the bridesmaids dresses are available for your daughter to borrow. This way, only the accessories and hair will cost money.

From a prom group

If three or more students are going to prom together, they can split the cost of transportation to and from prom and they can share in the cost of throwing an after party together. Having every student's family in the group chip in will make costs more affordable for everyone. Ask your student if any of their friends are interested in forming a prom group, then call the parents and go from there. 

Take out a payday advance

If you know that the prom is coming up, it is a good time to take out a payday advance loan. Taking out this loan will allow you to pay it back in the future so that you can buy the things that you need now, then work more hours in the upcoming weeks. Having the money in your hand immediately can decrease your worry and allow your child to prepare on time. Be sure to deposit any unused cash from the loan back into your account to put towards repayment of your advance. Taking out a loan in this situation can allow your child their one last night of high school fun, which is well worth any interest. For more information, contact a company like Payday Express.